Here is a link to the interviews I’ve done.

Do you like to read about things that are haunted?

Sprinkles and Fear: An Interview with a Baker at a Haunted Donut Shop
Shelby Frantz, Come Home with Me! I Drive a Chevy!

About farm life?

Holly Harper Sells Cow Waterbeds 
Stacey McLachlan Must Be the Honey 
Nick Jurkowski Doesn’t Mind Eating Ostriches Because They’re Such Jerks


Zhanna Slor: Dying Isn’t Cheap 
John Ertle Buries Dead People
Jessica Anderson, Former Obituary Clerk
50 Cents Per Rat

I don’t know what you like. If you’re not sure, read the one about the ostriches. It makes me laugh.

Or here is another one of my favorites.